Homeless: Growing Up Lesbian and Dyslexic in India (March 2023)

Published by Simon & Schuster and Yoda Press

After discovering she’s lesbian and dyslexic at 20, Vaishali begins to untangle her anxieties around reading and writing. She comes out to her mother at 22 and leaves her Bombay home to make her own way.

In a dingy, insect-ridden yet rent-free hostel room in Hyderabad with a door that doesn’t quite close, she tries to make the best of the situation by writing a book about her experiences. As she writes, she finds the past has a way of catching up with her, even as she explores her dyslexia, homosexuality, and the clitoris; falling in love and recovering from a harrowing breakup; academic failure, loneliness, and homophobia; living with sickness, anxiety, depression, and her caste, gender, and body.

This is the story of Vaishali’s relationship with her many truths and the truths of many young people in India.

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Praise for Homeless

‘Homeless’ leaves you wondering whether it is autobiography or fiction, so fluid is the writing, so seemingly effortless the introspection. But by the end of this vital book with its razorsharp analyses of disability, anomie and sexuality, you don’t care. Magnificent.

Jerry Pinto, author of The Education of Yuri, Murder in
Mahim and Em and the Big Hoom

Wry, angry and heartbroken, ‘Homeless’ is not only an account of growing up lesbian and dyslexic in a dysfunctional family, it is also an evocation of youth itself—the strangely intense mixture of self-confidence and insecurity, of hope and rage that carries us from adolescence into adulthood. K. Vaishali writes with an easy flow and a dry humour to produce an eminently readable memoir.

Parvati Sharma, author of Jahangir: An Intimate Portrait
of a Great Mughal and The Story of Babur

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